Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Earring Commissions

Three weeks ago my day job closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  I immdiately was nervous about Talbots reopening and money from artwork and jewelry sales just trickes in, it's not a steady flow (plus many of my art galleries that carry my work were first to close).  So I put out there on my social media that if there was anything that people were thinking about purchasing, I had the time and now would be helpful if they wanted me to make something.  I had three earring commissions come through! 

First was Ginger, she asked about purple earrings, I sent her a photo of what I had in stock.  She chose the arrow striped ones but needed them a little shorter.  So we came up with these.

Second was Sally.  I had forgotten that when I posted my tiny leaf earrings around the holidays that she had commented that she wanted a pair of red and orange ones.  I sent her these two options.  

She picked the one I liked the most. :)  And off to Utah they went!

Roxy saw Ginger's earrings and wanted a neutral pair to go with everything (gold, silver tones with black).  When she mentioned matte black with it, I was in love.  I sent her the below photo with the two earring options, the shorter like Ginger's on the left but I wanted to try it with one more color, so I made the longer ones too.  She loved the longer ones, so off those went to Ohio.

I tend to give social media a bad rap for being toxic, but this gave me hope, and I'm seeing a lot of good come out on it the past 3 weeks.  Thank you so much ladies!  (And also to Danna for purchasing a huge weight out of my garage ;) ).

In the meantime I did get another job which I'm enjoying and has a ton of benefits and is considered essential right now.  While I had the orange beads out for Sally's earrings I made a pair of orange leaf earrings to match my Home Depot apron. :)

I also started making masks this week.  But that's for the next blog post...

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