Sunday, February 11, 2018

White Leaf Beaded Jewelry Set

Last year I ended up selling my white lariat leaf and cluster earrings to a lovely lady at an airport bar in Florida.  I learned from her that it's cheaper to drink on the airplane by ordering double shots of vodka at the bar and pouring them into a water bottle (I did not follow suit). Also that I should look into galleries in Florida but stick to white and pastels.  Which I do tend towards for spring. Maybe if I ever get my stock built up enough I will look into Florida galleries.

Now that I'm back to retail and working at White House Black Market, I was missing my white jewelry staples so I just finished this set.  1 Lariat Necklace, 1 pair of cluster earrings, a leaf bracelet and 2 smaller pairs of earrings. 

You'll be able to see them and try them on at Fiber Feast in April (unless you see me beforehand). I'm up for doing pop-ups around my oddball retail schedule.

Lois's tail was too photogenic to not post this one....

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