Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Departure Bangle

Departure Bangle $250

Lately I have been focused on trying to get sets of jewelry swapped out to galleries.  I'm beading a lot as my main focus since it's portable and a lot of changes are happening in the next month.  I am trying to make my "usual" groupings with a color focus, but I keep straying from what I feel is my norm.

This bangle started with my beading wandering into double-leaves, thinking I'd try more than two, but then giving up.  It sat in my bead bag for a while until I decided it was important to do something with this weekend.  The double leaves by themselves weren't exciting me, so I made some additional accents for the middles.

It looks a little like fairy wings to me, and with it being an interesting bangle variation, I felt that calling it the "Departure" bangle was appropriate at this point in my life.

I debated finishing it as a bangle or as a bracelet, and decided on the bangle shape.  I finally played with some of the square double-hole Miyuki Tila beads that I had bought earlier this year on the sides of the leaves as a connecting point.

(back view)

I am actually quite happy as to how this piece turned out. It's a bit larger than my "normal" sized bangles since I was guessing about the number of beads to go around.  If you'd like to see it in person, come to the Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild Fiber Feast this weekend (tickets are sold out, but you can come shop before and after the event).

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