Wednesday, December 31, 2014

NYE Beading in the car, Bangle and Earrings

Zack and I decided to take an impromptu road trip for New Year's Eve this year. We had been talking about visiting Hot Springs, Arkansas and the Ozarks so last night we packed up and headed out. We booked a formal Gala Ball for NYE in Hot Springs so I packed some beads to make something to match my dresses (I'm  still not sure just how formal I'm going, I packed 2 options, both blue/purple).
I was also looking to match the necklace that Zack gave me for Christmas, a green/purple teardrop topaz pendant with diamond accents.  I definitely needed a bangle or two to match this lovely piece!

Our drive from East Lansing to Potosi, MO took about 8 hours, Zack drove, I beaded while we talked. I set my timer while beading.  I finished the purple bangle in 6 hours and the little purple earrings took about a half hour.  Not bad, I thought the bangle would take longer, I have been working more on the Pattern Play Bangles, as they get wider they're slower to stitch, but keeping these smaller certainly cuts the time down.

Since I was making these bangles particularly for myself I decided to make them 4 seed beads smaller around than my usual bangle size. They are snug to slip on but work perfectly.

These photos aren't bad for my cell phone-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-hotel photo shoot.  Hopefully I'm happy with how they look with the dresses! And Linda thought that I wouldn't be able to whip something up in time :)  I may work on a larger pair of earrings on the next leg of our drive.

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