Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Bangle Klimt 1 and Gold Swirl Earrings

I finished off the other bangle bracelet for my Halloween costume Sunday night.  This is called "Klimt 1" since it's the first one I drafted, but the second to be finished.  I posted "Klimt 2" last week.

The colors of these two bangles are drastically different, but that's what it looked like in the inspiration piece.  I was also trying to focus on using beads that I already had on hand.  I have not seen this painting in person, and the various images I have found seem to all be slightly different in color.  I'm focused on just using a lot of golds and yellows since Gustav Klimt was known for using gold leaf.

I also managed to knock out the rather large pair of beaded earrings.  I imagine in on Klimt's model these were probably metal, but beads are so much lighter weight.  Due to lack of detail in viewing the painting, I made up my own little swirl in the earrings.

Now to finish my headpieces, dress and make my husband's costume!  Wish me luck!

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