Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shibori Tunic Top

I've been finishing up some loose ends of projects that I want to make for myself.  I'll be entering pieces into competitions too, but sometimes I just need to make a piece of clothing, play with my dyes, get back into shibori pole wrapping. So that it what this top was about.

I found that I really enjoyed dyeing the rayon knit that I used in last year's Halloween costume, so I purchased some in white when it went on sale.  I always have these big plans to make stuff that I want to wear, but then it falls by the wayside.  I pole-wrapped and dyed this fabric, started pinning it to my dress form, and then let it sit. 


I hacked off the bottom piece when I decided it was too long and over-dyed it for the bottom band.  Then it sat some more.  Mostly because of my fear of using my sewing machine.  I wanted this piece to look finished, and I don't fully trust sewing machines.  I've had a few too many things eaten by them.

However, after my class with Mary Sue Fenner, and 3 1/2 days of quality sewing-machine time, I came home ready to finish this top!

(Back side of the top)
(This still has some pins in it, but I like it with the brown leggings)

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