Friday, August 30, 2013

Michigan League of Handweavers Workshop with Mary Sue Fenner

I would like to start off by saying that when I take workshops I am usually going for learning technique, not usually finishing a project.  So I threw together a bunch of fabric from my stash, a handwoven I had just pulled off the loom and headed to Mary Sue's 3 day jacket workshop.  I'm so impressed that I not only finished my jacket, but I love it and will wear it.
Mary Sue gave us a lot of helpful demos throughout the class.  Due to the fact everyone was working on their own jacket, with fabrics of all kinds, every jacket required things slightly different.  This was great because we learned many different techniques that may or may not have applied to the project we were currently working on, but can use in the future. The above photo is Mary Sue beginning to explain to us how to put in tailor's tacks from the pattern with thread and using a silicone to make the thread easier to work with.
Stitching Stitching... I learned even better ways to clean my machine and that I need to do it much more frequently than I usually do.  
Discussion about interfacing.  We used a very thin interfacing and if one wanted it thicker, you just layer on more. Also, in order to strengthen handwoven fabrics, you put a small strip of interfacing in a turned seam and it keeps he handwoven from dropping.  What a great tips for using interfacing!

When the pieces were all cut and I could layer it up, the excitement really started to build for me.  I had to cut my Friday class a little short to meet for the fashion show, which was really fun.
(Photo by Jeanne Sarna)
Mary Sue couldn't say enough how lovely this blue dress that Helen Welford made was on me.  Helen won 3rd prize in the Fashion Exhibit for "Allison's Honeymoon Gown" which I was also honored to model.
I finally found the perfect buttons in my bead stash, I picked up a bunch of vintage glass buttons from Lamb's Gate Antiques a while back and picked out two different kinds for the collar clasp. The pattern calls for snaps, but I wanted to be able to wear the jacket open without the snaps showing, so with a little troubleshooting I made it work and it's done.

I feel that I have to make something else from a pattern soon, just so I don't forget everything I learned.  On the other hand, that's part of the reason I blog.

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