Sunday, August 11, 2013

Michigan League of Handweavers Conference 2013: My Awards

I can't thank the Michigan League of Handweavers enough for the awards that I won this year in the Conference Exhibits.  I received awards from not only 2 different jurors, but also the People's Choice Award for the Fiber Art Exhibit.  This has been such a great group to be part of, and to have my talent recognized within the group is such a great honor.

The awards I won are as follows:

"She Can't See the Forest Through the Trees"

Best of Show for Fiber Art
People's Choice Award for Fiber Art

"Bamboozled Bangle"
2nd Place Fashion Accessories Exhibit
"Chevron Bangle"

Judge's Choice Award
I am also especially grateful to the people who hung the Fiber Art Exhibit.  "She Can't See the Forest Through the Trees" is a pain in the butt to hang.  For my exhibit that was in March/April, we hung it from the ceiling at Grove Gallery, and I knew that it wouldn't be able to hang that way when I was entering it for the MLH Conference.  They managed to use the display boards to make a tunnel and set the dowels along the tops on either side.  Also placing it right in front of the door so you didn't miss it when you walked in.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  


Rebecca Mezoff said...

Fantastically awesome! I wish I could see the Forest piece. It looks so cool, but you can never really understand a piece from the photograph. Congratulations Jenny!

Jenny Schu said...

Thank you Rebecca, I'm really proud of that piece so it's nice to see others recognizing it. I hope to exhibit it more, so maybe it'll come your way at some point in the future :) Or something like it of course!

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