Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trip to Seattle and the Opening Reception for Small Expressions

I got to hang out in downtown Seattle and do some shopping.  Of which I mostly bought beads and yarn.  They have a great bead store called World Beads.  It's a tiny shop on the corner, and it's packed with seed beads.  I usually use Japanese seed beads and these are Czech. I bought a few and stitched some leaves up to see how they acted and was pleased, so I stopped in one more time at the end of the week to grab some to add to my stash.

The only yarn shop downtown in called So Much Yarn.  I have  a hard time believing that in a city the size of Seattle there's only one yarn shop, but at least its a nice one!  I had done some damage last time I was in there and was hoping to pick up a few more colors of one of the yarns that I really enjoy using in Theo Mooreman inlay.  They were out of that particular yarn, however they did have some other interesting stuff by the same designer so I went that route (the sparkly ones below).

We flew out of Chicago so that on our way back home we could head over to St.. Charles, IL for the Opening Reception of Handweaver's Guild of America's Small Expressions 2013.  My piece, "Uprooted 1" was accepted into this show along with many other amazing pieces.  Below I'm standing next to "Uprooted 1".  The camera on my phone has been on the fritz, so it was hard to get a decent photo. Maybe one day I'll travel with my nice camera.

I always want to get more beading done while I travel.  I'm not sure why, but I'm convinced that between sitting in the airport, on the airplane, driving around and having hotel down time, I should get a few pieces done.  I only finished one lariat necklace, but I'm please with that. It's also a note to self to travel with less beads!

Brown and Green Lariat Necklace $260.00


Miss Emily Marshall said...

Congratulations Jenny to you and Zack on your fourth! It definitely doesn't seem that long ago. And, congratulations as well for your admission to the Small Expressions show, Uprooted 1 is beautiful (as seen from your April 10, 2013 post).

I have to comment on your "note to self" as I always seem, as well, to take way to much yarn with me when traveling than is reasonably necessary. I'm thinking this is not an isolated phenomenon.

Keep on creating lady, you're crushing it!

Rebecca Mezoff said...

You are crushing it. Congratulations on Uprooted I. Great piece! (I think I saw a closer photo of this elsewhere on your blog.) And to have a husband who is a joy to bring to fiber shows is rare! Hang onto him!

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