Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Jewelry at the Lansing Art Gallery

I think that hell froze over because I've been making jewelry in pastels.  Actually, Hell, MI is probably still frozen, we're having the coldest March!

Maybe it's the overabundance of mint green that was in fashion last spring/summer and is coming back in full force, or I just need a change of pace.  So mint green, lime green, turquoise, lavender and off-whites have been my draw since I started in on making spring jewelry.

The above bangle was inspired by a shirt that I saw in the window at Pitaya while driving down Grand River last week. I made the bangle, and bought the shirt. 
Lavender and green swarovski pearl earrings
Mint green and off white swarovski pearl earrings
I dropped off the above three pieces along with a variety of pinks to the Lansing Art Gallery last week. They should be out by now, so take a look if you get the chance while your in downtown Lansing!

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