Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Creating a Nature" Opening Reception follow-up

This past Sunday was the opening reception for my exhibit "Creating a Nature: A Fiber Art Exhibit"  I thank everyone who came so very much, there was a ton of love and support during a packed afternoon.  I had family in from the Ann Arbor, Fenton, and the Kalamazoo area. A friend came down from her place up north just for the opening, an artist that has watched me develop in fibers since I was 12 years old was there, and many other local artists and friends came by. I met a number of new people who loved my work to boot!

Thank you to my family who made it out for this reception and my mom who took all the photos for this blog post (I'm horrible at taking photos of anything but my work).  Also to my parents for making dinner post-show and leaving us yummy leftovers.  (Mom just figured out there was a smudge on her camera lens, hence the smudge in the photos!)

Thank you to the Arts Council of Greater Lansing for awarding me the 2012 Individual Artist's Grant.  I have been talking about making pieces on this scale for 2 or more years.  This grant gave me the kick in the pants to actually work with these ideas and start to develop where they're going.

Thank you so much to Deb and Gretel.  They were key parts in helping me hang this show on Friday.  I could not have done it without them.  I was dog tired and my wits hanging by a thread.  I'm glad they both were there because so often I want to do things on my own.  It would not look so well if I had insisted on doing it alone!

Jenny Schu and the last finished piece "In Progress" double weave

I finished "In Progress" the week of the show going up, but it got crazy at our place in the final stretch.  More to come on the individual pieces from this show.  I plan on taking the next week or two to relax some and also bulk up my jewelry stock since I have not been making jewelry lately.

Family Photo Left to right: Zack, me, Ron, Julie, Brittin, Nova, Adam, Kim, Carl

If you missed the opening reception, you still have plenty of time to come by Grove Gallery in the next two months to see the show.  Hours are 12-6 Tuesday-Friday and 12-4 Sat/Sun (closed Mondays).  I'm there most Tuesdays if you have any questions about the show.  Also, the First Sunday Gallery Walk for April we will have some snacks and refreshments and I will be demoing my beadweaving.

And no, I'm not tired of making leaves yet...

This activity is made possible in part by a grant from the
Arts Council of Greater Lansing


Jane Reiter said...

It all looks FABULOUS Miss Jenny!! Congratulations and GOOD WORK!!! Hooray for you!

Anonymous said...


Rebecca Mezoff said...

Wow! I love that In Progress piece! Can you post a straight-on photo of it? Very cool. I really wish I could come see the forest for the trees piece also. Needs to be seen in person I suspect. Congratulations!!!

Jenny Schu said...

Thanks everyone!
Rebecca, I will do a post about "In Progress" I'm taking a little break right now, but there's plenty more to come :)

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