Monday, June 25, 2012

"Flipped and Tangled" Weaving

I finished the final details of this piece on April 13, 2012.  Literally the day that I was delivering it to the Michigan League of Handweavers 17th Biennial Show, so there was no blog update because I didn't have time to do a photo shoot.  Beading the ends of the dowel rods took much longer than I suspected (this usually happens with my work).

This weaving is a Theo Mooreman Inlay.  The base of the weaving is hand dyed rayon and I use chenille and other "fancy" yarn that I collect for the imagery within this piece.  I also began to experiment with placing beads into the weaving as I wove it (rather than stitching them in afterward), which I think I like.

I wanted to be able to hang this flipped either way, so I put dowels on either end and peyote stitched beads around the ends and stitched the fabric to the beading so that it is one solid piece.

I recieved an Honorable Mention in the show for this piece.

This piece measures: 31.25 inches wide (to edges of dowels) x 13.75 inches long

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