Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leaves Between Bangle and a little Lucite

Normally, I hate using any sort of plastic beads or accents in my jewelry.  I don't really have anything against it (there are some amazing pieces out there using plastics), I have just had a preference for glass beads over the years and am slowly working into more use of gemstones and pearls.

Sometimes I purchase a bead with a "maybe I'll use it" or "just in case I run out of ideas" purpose.  The lucite flower in this new piece was purchased just in case it would look good as a necklace accent for my wedding.  I bought one in this off-white and one in lavender from the Bead Gallery in Ann Arbor.  It sat amongst lavender pearls and antique seed beads until after our wedding when it was then sorted back into my stash.

After my failure piece with the tan base I was determined to make something in lighter colors.  White generally isn't my thing, but I have been seeing so much white this year in summer fashion along with the wedding blogs I still like to follow for inspiration that I decided I needed to give it another go.  As I began picking pieces in whites this flower popped out at me and became a focal point for this piece.

I personally think it turned out stunning.  Rather bridal looking, but I would/will wear it casually too, it would look great with a little black dress and a pearl necklace.  "Leaves Between" in Bridal White is making it's debut today at the opening of the Ann Arbor Art Fair in the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild booth, so if you're down there, go check her out!


Alyssa Michelle Chambo said...

This is beautiful Jenny!!

JennySchu. said...

Thank you Alyssa, I'm really into wearing this piece. (It's white that I can keep clean ;) )

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