Friday, July 30, 2010

Hanging with MargaBeth Cibulka

MargaBeth has become a good friend of mine since we were first introduced during the planning stages of Grove Gallery Co-op.  She has been an East Lansing/Williamston local for longer than I should even mention and her home-studio out in Williamston is too much fun not to go visit and have an art-infused play-date.

I biked out there on Wednesday (50 miles total) with my laptop, beads and camera to help her take some recent photos of her work so that we can share them via the Grove Gallery website and I'm posting a few of them here!

MargaBeth is a fused glass artist who does things out of the box.  From my understanding some glass is compatible and some isn't.  Since most of what MargaBeth uses is all recycled glass it can be somewhat hit-or-miss.  She turns her pieces into wonderful linkages, outdoor art, and wall art.  Come see some of her newest work (and her smaller studio space) over at Grove Gallery Co-op in East Lansing!

Also she hosts "Art for the Soul" at her house at the begining of December every year.  Her purple house, barn and collection of artwork is enough to drive out for the event.  Plus she makes really yummy Glug!  The Art for the Soul Facebook page will be updated as it gets closer!

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