Friday, March 12, 2010

Studio Cleaning....

There is nothing like getting back into the studio after it's had a good cleaning.  I just pulled a new tapestry weaving off of the loom and there my loom sits.  Thrums hanging on for dear life, part of the leftover warp still tied on.  The debate as to wether I can get another 10-12inches of weaving off of it, or is it healthier to start over?  (Yes, we're heading into a full year of being married and I'm still weaving on the warp for the bridesmaids wraps that I made!)

But my process for tapestry weaving can make a mess, and the last piece I wove left my studio looking like the usual war zone.  As I have tried to describe to people, I use my whole yarn stash.  I actually do this consistiently enough that sometimes I run out of a range in a certain color (normally green).  So I will have cones of yarn strewn across the floor, balls of yarn in color ranges in my "organizer" and general odds and ends arond the studio.  There's something meditative about restocking my yarn, getting everything out of the way and having that blank, clean studio to work in again.  It's also amazing what you does a pin get this messed up???

I even cleaned off my small desk surface space to reveal some document organizers that I bought!  Up they go and the contstant battle with staying organized continues.  I don't like to look too organized though, a nice wall of color, design, inspiration, is great for my creative soul.

Ah, that's better, now my loom is ready for me when I come back from Europe (I really can't start another project right now!)

There's just too many projects with too little time!

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