Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Long Fingerless Gloves

I started to knit these gloves from a pattern on Ravelry.com, but I kept on messing up the lace pattern.  Ultimately I enjoy knitting as something to keep my hands busy, not something I have to concentrate too hard on.  So after two bad starts on the original pattern I made up my own quick, cute and easy version.  Now I'll be much warmer in my office!

What you'll need:
US Size 2.5 Double-Pointed Needles
2 balls of Tree Frog Alpaca Wool (Fingering Size)

Cast on 48 stitches.  Join in the round being careful not to twist the row. Place stitch marker to help you pay attention to where the begining of your row is.
Row 1: K1 P1 entire row.
Rows 2-30: Repeat Row 1.
Row 31- 60: Knit all rows.
Row 61: Stop knitting in the round.  Pearl backward through the row, drop the stitch marker while you are not knitting in the round. (This is your thumb hole).
Row 62: Knit.(Flat).
Rows 63-84: Repeat rows 61-62. (Stockienette).
Rows 85-87: Re-join in the round and knit.
Row 88-100: K1 P1 entire row.
Bind Off, sew in ends, wear your new gloves everywhere!

Just a sidenote for how I work when knitting this, I break it down into sections:
cast on 48 stitches
30 rows ribbed (K1 P1) in the round
60 rows stockinette in the round
24 rows flat stockinette
3 rows stockinette in the round
13 rows ribbed in the round
bind off.

Fuzzy and Warm for Winter!

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Kim said...

Hi, great design - these are exactly what I'm looking for. Many thanks for the free pattern!

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