Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Experiences: Learning how to shoot photos with a friend as a model.

I'm not really a photographer. I am thankful that the world of digital cameras hit me while I was in Art School, this way I could take a million pictures of one piece and decipher which looked the best on my computer before I had it made into a slide. There would otherwise be a million useless and very expensive slides in my posession to this day.

So when I started to take a look at etsy and other artist's online galleries I realized that I am lacking in pictures of people wearing my artwork! This is art-to-wear and functional for the everyday! Why are my poor bracelets sitting on stands? The answer: It is very very very hard to photograph yourself wearing your work. And I always end up doing my photos on a whim, or on a deadline the night before.

So out of my many fashion-forward friends I picked the one that is most camera-shy, but also dabbles in photography. It was a little awkward at first, but then we started to have a slo of fun! Here's and sample of what we came up with.

Thanks so much Katherine! I can't wait to get the next ones going!

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