Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Checker Fade Bangle and Earrings

 Well, I created this set for an outfit I was putting together. Bryan and I had plans to go see We Are The Union tries to throw a New Year's Eve Party in Hamtramck.  Unfortunately we ended up getting COVID and the outbreak in Michigan has been so much that they also cancelled the show.  Bryan basically had his entire rude boy outfit together and I had finished this set and was getting ready to make a skirt.  Either way I do like how the set turned out.  I was using the metallic pink as a color to match a pair of custom pink glitter Chucks I had ordered for NYE.  

I wanted to make a large checker bangle that faded from black to metallic pink. I'm not usually big on using pink but the right shade I'm attracted to, usually a deeper darker pink. There is a plum color in the middle for smoother transition.  I originally thought I'd fade back out to black again but I decided to stop at the pink and after leaving it I don't feel the need to keep beading on it. Sometimes you have to stop while you're ahead.

After finishing the bangle it needed earrings. I thought I might make some long flat checkers like I have in the past, but I felt like trying something different. The first pair I made is in the top photo to the right of the bangle.  I didn't get a great photo of that pair; it has 3 stitched loops and is 2 5/8 inches long.  

The above second pair of earring options only has 2 beaded loops and are 2 1/4 inches long. I'm not sure which earring I would have gone with at the end of the day, maybe the next ska show I'll wear this set with my pink glitter Chucks.

Below are the beginnings of the skirt idea.  I have a bunch of sketches and had even put together a basic paper pattern with 5 panels, pockets and zipper. I decided not to keep moving forward on the skirt since I don't think I'll be going to another show for some time and what I want out of a checker skirt could change.  I had drawn these at all different lengths, pleats, slit...the fabric is the slit is a sheer black lace-look rainbow cheetah that kept calling to me. The formal satin checker skirt will be revisited at a later time. 

And of course the shoes that started it all: 

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