Saturday, January 30, 2021

Beginning Weaving for "Is There a Thing to Which Brings Us Less Joy Yet We Devote More Time"

I started this post on 1/6/2021 and have gotten a bit further than the above photos, once I start to weave I can get on a roll and other things (like this blog post) may be overlooked or forgotten. 

It seems like it's been a long time since I've tried to add float warps to either side of my warp in order to try to get my selvedges looking better. I still pull in too much on the left side. I haven't a clue why I still struggle with selvedges, but I'm trying on each piece to get them better. I know that part of my selvege struggle lies in the fact that I make 2 passes with the weft before beating it.  I'd be fine if I only did one pass, but then that's twice as much time spent picking up the warp for the pattern. It already takes me about an hour to weave a quarter of an inch, maybe I'll do one pass on a future smaller piece.

If you want to see a LIVE DEMO of me weaving this piece on Zoom, it's coming up in February!  I have been asked to be the feature for a Fiberside Chat session hosted by Longmont Yarn Shoppe. I'm very excited to be doing my very first Zoom talk about how I use supplemental warp structures in my weavings. Don't worry, I will not get too technical. It's more about my work, what inspires me and my weaving process.  It's $20 and you can register HERE



Amy Freeman said...

Love this post and your weaving Jenny! Your identifying and making adjustments to the struggle with selvage edges, especially the left side, are so refreshing. As someone who no longer weaves but can relate to the challenges. Your work is beautiful and so are you...inside and out. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work, may it bring you JOY!!!

Jenny Schu said...

Thank you Amy! I feel like I'm talking to my future self in some of these with regard to the selvedges. :) It'll be a fun demo to do, it does bring me so much joy to create art but more to share with others.

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