Thursday, December 3, 2020

Angle Color Block Bangle and Earrings

I was quarantined at home last week after spiking a fever and having to get the COVID-19 nose-swab. While I waited to get my results back to get back to work (they were negative) I had some time to flush out this bangle pattern.  I had pulled the brown and white beads aside months ago but I kept having mask orders come in so the beads and the idea were set aside. Between naps and watching all of the Star Wars movies in a row I got this bangle and earring set completed.

It's not perfect, the one end doesn’t quite line up like it should but I wore it one day and never noticed so it's not a huge bother.  This design translated to earrings easily and I am really happy with the set. 

I had decided I didn't want the earrings to be too ridiculously long. So I created the first pair without the brown bottom block.  My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to make a long version too. It turns out that I like the longer version so much that I'm keeping it in my at-home stock so I can wear them whenever I want.  The long earrings ended up being 3.25 inches from tip of earwire to the bottom of the earring. One of the reasons I'm really into long earrings right now is that they still stick out when you're wearing a mask all day. You could still see these despite my mask, beanie and pigtails at work yesterday. 

The bangle and shorter (2.75 inches) set of earrings went over to the Lansing Art Gallery today. You can shop online with the Lansing Art Gallery now and also make an appointment on their website to shop in-person. Make a shopping appointment HEREGallery online shop is HERE. I also dropped of the 70's-inspired rainbow bangle and 2 of the earrings set today. 

Me wearing the extra-long ones, getting ready for work yesterday,

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