Friday, December 7, 2018

Large Purple Tonal Arrow Bangle and 2 sets of matching Earrings for Holiday 2018

I found the perfect dress for this holiday season this year and, as usual, decided to make jewelry to match it.  The Jax dress already has some fantastic purples and lines so I kept it simple with a wider version of of my tonal arrow bangles and 2 earring options. 

As usual, I was over-thinking it at first.  I'm trying to slow down and take it one day at a time since I've been so overwhelmed lately.  It became obvious to me that I needed to go with something simple that I could make in time for our events that didn't involve following a detailed graph.  

What I still enjoy about making jewelry is playing with color and purple is one of my favorite colors as well as my go-to.  Lucky for me, Bryan also likes purple, so he already had a tie to match.

I'm preparing for REACH Studio Art Center's Not So Silent Night and packing my car today, so this set is coming along with me if you'd like to check it out and support a wonderful local art establishment.  It's tomorrow night (December 8, 2018) at 7pm.

Bryan and I at the U-Club.

Not a great photo, but I wore both style earrings on my ear with the two lower holes, 
I really like how they layered together.

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