Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sorting and Organizing

I am feeling a little overwhelmed getting ready for a 2 day show at the end of next month (Traverse City Higher Art, during their film festival), I just got work back from one gallery and need to send new stuff.  I always go by color groupings.  There are no earrings in the photo, but I'm trying to color-organize my larger work and see what colors I can play with for fill-in.

Then I went to drop off Uprooted 3 at the Ella Sharp Museum for the Statewide Fine Art Competition. My friend Brian had told me to check out the Grand River Brewery.  It did not disappoint (all the food looked amazing, I got the Scotch Eggs), plus, it was around the corner from the Jackson Antique Mall, which I hadn't visited in years and once frequented.

I found something to fill that blank space in the yellows.... they usually don't have size 8 or larger vintage women's shoes at antique shops.  I was short in my organizing in travel hat boxes and scored a barely used Samsonite one too. 

Aaannnd, this cute turquoise blue bud vase. A nice $3 treat. 

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