Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Leaf Bracelet Variation

Leaf Bracelet Variation $120.00

I have been meaning to start in on some different variations of leaf bracelets, and a new color combo got me inspired to do one.  I bought a fantastic shirt from my favorite Grand Rapids boutique, Lee & Birch and it go me moving my spring color collection to a little more pink and no lime green.

This piece as a two-pearl clasp, which I have been waffling on the size of the pearl, but it really hangs on well, so I'm going to be wearing it a lot to see how it feels. So far so good at the office yesterday.

I'm looking at these photos thinking to myself, "wow, that's a lot of pink for me to be working with." I must have spring fever, plus a ton of changes going on in my life.  Lets shake it up some hey?

You will probably be able to see this particular piece for sale at the Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild Fiber Feast on April 18th in the sales area.  I don't have anything in the fashion show itself, but I will be modeling.  Tickets are sold out, however, the general public is invited to shop early and after the fashion show.  More info at www.annarborfiberarts.org 

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