Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Inspired by 2015 Bangle and Earrings Set

2015 Inspired Bangle $250.00

I have had a shift back to working on my beaded jewelry slightly more than my larger sculpture and wall hangings.  I've been really excited by some of the colors I see coming out for Spring 2015 and with the help of Pinterest I'm inspired and playing with some new color combinations. The first of my Spring 2015 grouping is a Bangle and earring set.

2015 Inspired Earring $50.00

I worked on this bangle while on an Arkansas road trip so I was able to really time out how long it took me to make (a question I get all the time).  This particular piece took me about 12 hours.  Factors of this timing is that I was working on this mostly while listening to the radio which allows for faster beading than when I watch TV.  Also, the base of this piece being simple geometric one color helps making beading those areas easy to think about.

I had to wait to get more of the white beads to finish off the earrings, but I have been wearing these two bangles around without the earrings.


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