Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Watercolor Bangle 2015 Re-do

This pattern is a re-do because the original bangle that I made ended up too big.  I had miscounted on my graph paper when I was drafting this piece and I think I was something like 10 beads too long, which is really quite a lot.

The original pattern had a lot of interesting aspects to it, so I decided that when I got around to re-doing it, I would use various parts of the first draft.  A few weeks ago  I ran into this pattern while I was cleaning my office/bead studio and thought it would be a good match for the colors I was working with for Spring 2015.

I was really drawn to working on this piece while Zack was out of town, so I had the time to actually clock making it, which took me about 8 hours total.  This doesn't include the prep for editing the original pattern and computer-work.

I've gotten a few earring ideas going to match this piece, so look out for that blog post on it's way!

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