Thursday, August 14, 2014

Artist Residency at the Porcupine Mountains: Part 1

I arrived to the Porcupine Mountains on Monday evening after about a 10 hour drive from East Lansing.   Sherrie and Carol showed me around the cabin (mostly Sherrie, Carol is the composting toilet guru).  I have plenty of room to work and live, a back porch looking out toward the stream behind "Dan's Cabin" which includes a wood burning stove, gas lanterns and a camp stove/oven. 

I have hiked two trails so far, on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday I stayed in the woods and Wednesday I found a beautiful spot on Lake Superior.   I have been struggling with mosquitoes attacking me (despite layers of bug spray). The girl at the Outpost swears by a citronella lotion so I'm going to try that today.

I had a hard time leaving the cabin today.  I am moving along really well on the tapestry that I started and it's hard to pull away!  I packed my notes from the class that I took from Rebecca Mezoff at the MLH Workshops in 2012 on gradation techniques in tapestry and I.m utilizing a number of the techniques.  I'm working from the back so you can't see much at this point. I'm almost to two inches (this piece is 13 inches wide), another few inches and I may be able to get an image of what the front is starting to look like!

Please bear with me on my updates for the next month or so, I'm learning to use my tablet for the bulk of my posting since I will not be taking a laptop to Japan. I'm trying to make - do with smaller devices. So far my phone is better, but it's because I'm slow - learning what I can and can't do on this thing.

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Rebecca Mezoff said...

Looks like a wonderful time!!!

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