Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Gift Commission #1

It's the time of year that creeps up on me.  Halloween is over, November is a blur of trying to get sale-able work done and into displays.  Then there's the pieces that people want you to make for holiday gifts.  You never know when those are going to come up on you.

Zack and I were sitting at P Squared Wine Bar, a new favorite spot that's opened up downtown and I was getting some beading done.  I had started a St. Petersburg chain with the dark gold seed beads that seem to be my staple bead for this holiday season and it caught a friend's eye.

He asked what I was making, and if he could purchase it for his mom for Christmas. Not a problem, I was focused on trying to get a different style necklace done, but I hadn't beaded the chain too long so that we couldn't switch designs.

We met last week to go over options on the dark gold and black chain and he wanted to keep it simple.  I love it, these seed beads have really been speaking to me, so it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that likes them on their own.

The finished necklace can be adjusted to two lengths on the black swarovski pearls along the left side of the piece.

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