Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Uprooted 1" nearing done!

I finally finished the third and last tendril for this sculpture just before Halloween, and then Halloween and Holiday shows kicked in.  So I have been distracted by pieces for customers and keeping my jewelry stock up some for Grove Gallery and the 3 more shows I have coming up through November/December. Check out www.jennyschu.com for the dates/times of these.

The above photo is just a little sample, the tendrils will actually be positioned a little different than this, but you get the idea.   

(I love my drill and dremel tool!)

I drilled my last hole for the third tendril and am on to the finish work of sanding.  The sanding is taking longer than I had anticipated because there's always another crevice or corner that I didn't get to.  I've decided not to stain or varnish the wood, so the next step will be to oil the root and add the finishing touches of beading and accent beads to bring the tendrils and the wood root together in harmony.
This activity is made possible in part by a
grant from the
Arts Council of Greater Lansing

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