Thursday, June 23, 2011

July Beadweaving Classes

I will be offering two classes on two count peyote stitch coming up in July:
Sunday July 17, 2011
at Grove Gallery Co-op
$44.00 + $8 materials= $52.00

Tuesday July 19, 2011
at Grove Gallery Co-op
$44.00 + $8 materials= $52.00

I have openings for up to 5 people on each day.  Payment is due 1 week before the class or the class will be canceled.  You can give Jenny a check or cash before hand, or go to the front page accepts paypal (note the paypal button next to the date).

If you have your own beading materials the materials fee may be waived, here's what I will be providing for you to keep:

-nymo size D thread (enough for 3-5 bracelets)

-2 beading needles, 2 inches, size 10

-2 colors of dyna-mite seed beads (you pick from the workshop stash)

-1 large bead 6mm or larger for clasp (you pick from the workshop stash, I like to use these round Swarovski pearls: )

-Directions, suggestions, graph paper etc.

Here are what you may like to bring, but I will have on hand (and some for sale):

-velvet pads (either something on the link, or I have made some larger ones of my own with velvet around cardboard)

and last but not least, if you have problems with lighting, we will be in a room with florescents, you may bring your own light.  I have been told that this rechargeable ott lamp is great for workshopping:

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