Friday, March 25, 2011

Comission in Red.

Well, I have been so busy I haven't been blogging or taking pictures really.  I have been beading a lot, traveling a bit and finishing up some comissions as more comissions walk in the door.  My most recent comission that was sent out was a special request in red, black and silver.  For my own comfort I had to integrate some greys into this set since I have a hard time using red in my work.
I am however pleased with the outcome.  I think that the laboradite beads and silver pearls I picked up at Beads Beads Beads in Boulder, CO helped me out.

The set will end up being a Leaves Between bangle, a pair of cluster earrings, and an extra long lariat which is still in the works. Iwill do an extra-long lariat necklace psot since this is the second one that has been ordered!

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