Thursday, September 16, 2010

Made to Match

I am pretty flexible when it comes to commissions and when you ask me to make something, I try to take care of it pretty quickly.  Shortly after Deb bought my Green "Leaves Between" bangle she asked for earrings and a pendant to match. 

I have struggled making necklaces because I don't like to string beads as much as I enjoy weaving with them.  I very recently have made 2 simple pendants and put them on light chains.  I have sold both of them, and I'm making their loops large enough to place on any chain (I know I have quite the collection of chains at home so I'm only carrying a few).

Up until then I thought of only making simple single drops into pendants.  Not for Deb!  She asked for something with 3 leaves layered together, so I went with it and I love the outcome!  I think they need to be on heavier chains than I have been showing my pendants on, so here's a few pictures before they go to their new home:

I don't have a great image of the bracelet but here you go (thanks Scroggins for pointing out the incompleteness of this blog post!):

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