Friday, August 7, 2015

Fall Colors Bangle Spin-Off

Bangle 1/2 inch wide $75.00
Earrings 1,5 inches long $40.00

When I was working on my first Fall 2015 bangle and earrings, I noticed a colorway at the beginning of one of the earrings that I really loved.  I took note of it and when the first set was done, I started right in on the next bangle.

Bangles $75.00 each

Playing with colors, without drafting a pattern  can help me relax into my work and figure out what I want to make with these particular colors.  I'm happy to be able to create again and slowly get back into my beadweaving and also my handweaving.

This is the beginning of one of the earrings in the first set that led me to the second set.

I've also been thinking I could do a square pendant, much like THIS ONE that I made for Liisa back in 2013.  Or I could do it without the edging like this Peach/White one.

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