Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bangle Bracelet with all the Fall Colors

In this summer heat we have been having, I am dreaming of fall and winter.  So naturally I start looking at the fashion forecast for fall and holiday colors.  I then pour through my beads and make a collection of them to work off of for the upcoming season.

Bangle Bracelet 1/2 inch wide

Earrings 2.25 inches long

 I started with the navy and pink from the netting bracelet and earrings that I just made.  I have started making leaves from the various sized seed beads that I have, but I really missed making my beaded bangles.  So last Monday night I pulled color rages from my collection of delicas, poured them into my largest palette and decided to just use all the colors. I wasn't in the mood to graph something out, so I started with small stripes and alternated them.

I know when I decided to move into the alternating, I was thinking of my friend Kathy's beautiful double-weavings that she has been working on.  I was hoping to have a bit of that weaverly feeling in this bangle, which I think was successful.  I'm considering doing this same bangle with a few less colors, wider.

It has also gotten me thinking about what colors to use and some future bangles to graph out.  I may even visit some old patterns with these fresh colors.

And of course it always feels good when you get a magazine in the mail and the colors on the front cover about-match what I'm working on!  Thanks Pottery Barn!

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