Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fall Form Bracelet

Fall Form Bracelet $120.00

I'm really happy with the finished product of this bracelet.  Outside of just playing with upcoming Fall colors, I decided to go with a form that I've been considering for quite a while.  I originally started thinking about it when I made these yellow tiered pod earrings.  As I stitched pods together, I thought about how they would drape around other forms.

I've worn this piece around a number of times already and I'm really happy about how it maintains its shape around my wrist.  I initially thought about going with a lobster clasp for the bracelet, which is my go-to clasp.  However, it was important to me that this shape maintain all the way around.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy stitching the snap into this was, and how seamless it appears when being worn.

Snap detail

I always leave all my threads on until the pieces is together.

Shaping up.

"Vintage" snaps (36 for 29 cents!)

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gail bart said...

Love the style & colors, Jenny!

As usual, you're busy! Hope all the s well.

gail bartkowski

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