Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Netting Bracelet and Earrings to match a polka-dot dress

Earrings $30.00

After working for hours on the wedding dress beadwork deadline I needed something simple, basic and colorful to bead. So looking through my closet I picked out a polka-dot dress that I bought during MLH's Conference at my favorite boutique in Holland: Frances Jay.  I'm not usually too big on polka-dots, but this was a cute dress and the cut was different than I usually wear and it actually fit me correctly.  Plus I really like the pop of the bright pink on the dark navy (or black, it's hard to tell in different light).

Bracelet $65.00

I originally thought I might make the bracelet all black/blue with some circles of the pink here and there, but I really preferred the pick as a smaller accent.  So the circles in the "netting" stitch alternate navy cut 15/0s and black 15/0s. I usually make this bracelet four circle wide, this time I figured I'd see how three wide felt.

(The dress inspiration)

The bracelet and earrings match and were fun to get into some new colors. This is a little sampling of the colors I'll be using for fall this year.

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