Thursday, April 23, 2015

Inspired 2015 Bangle Variation with Earrings & Pendant

I am getting ready to send a grouping of Spring/Summer jewelry to send off to Angelwood Gallery for their May 9th Open House and something really inspired me to revisit the Inspired by Spring 2015 Bangle that I had finished earlier this year. The colorway that I'm working with has shifted some and I took out all of the lime greens (that group is over at the Lansing Art Gallery).  I decided to make the bangle about half the size of the original design.  I'm very please with it's outcome.

Bangle $110

I was at Zoobies on Tuesday night for Knitting Happy Hour and I met Carrie and Jason who were sitting at the table next to us. Carrie really love the bangle, I was making the matching earrings at the time.  In case she keeps thinking about it I had her snap a photo of the bangle and gave her my card.  I liked her interpretation of it, she said that the design reminded her of looking through window panes over a canyon.  (I wasn't comparing the bangles at the time so I actually quoted Kerrie a lower price on accident, which I would still honor).

Earrings $50.00

Pendant Front

Pendant Back

I feel really good about the amount of jewelry I have been finishing for the four galleries that carry my work.  As of late it's about all I can focus on since I'm in a transitional time in my life and my beading travels on-he-go well. 

Now, I am going to get ready for my divorce hearing. Wish me luck!

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