Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 is over, no review, just onward and upward!

New Years has always been my second favorite holiday following Halloween.  The energy I get from that feeling of having a "clean slate" and being allowed to shift my focus or personal goals feels positive.  I have had a rough two years and luckily I got out of a bad marriage situation early this year leading to a ton of positive change in my life from April 23rd-on.

With a house purchase, moving my entire life (a lot of crap is collected when you're in 1 house for almost 7 years and you're an artist), working more at the office, playing catch-up with friends, not to mention the number of amazing people that have come into my life this year, I'm a bit behind on my own artwork.

So.  Art-Career 2016:

1) Finish my piece for the Friends of the Porkies from my residency that I had back in August 2014.  There's a lot of background as to why this piece is back-logged, and it's a huge piece, because I pride myself in my work and they're getting a really great handwoven piece.

2) Update my website.

3) Teach more workshops.  This is already coming to fruition with 2 classes at Interlochen, a three day workshop in the Porcupine Mountains being offered and 2 half-day classes at the Fiber 577 Foundation.  I really enjoy teaching beadweaving and I would like to get my home-space organized enough to teach small groups in my dining room.

4) I'm picking up another seasonal gallery in Door County, WI.  This will put my jewelry in 3 states. That's exciting!!!

5) Never let Delilah (my loom) be empty.  Finish a weaving, wind a new warp and get the next one on.  I have the yarn dyed for my next double-weave already.  A third piece is rolling around in my head to eventually come to fruition, get on top of my larger-scale work!  I will have another solo exhibit in the next few years.

6) Start thinking about another artist residency. Potentially abroad.  I know I need to get balanced with my house/studio etc first, but start that dreaming process.

I have a bunch of personal things that I'll be focusing on too, but I'm reminding myself that my artwork is the most important to me and without it, I am not Jenny Schu.  I feel as though my 2015 was officially over when Sweet Custom Jewelry called me as I was getting ready to leave town to go to the Resolution Ball at the Fillmore in Detroit.  They had my ring ready.  I've always loved my engagement ring even though he never wanted to out a diamond in it.  So I took it in and had an amethyst put in the setting so it would change it's meaning.  The setting is Tacori and Sweet put a beautiful deep round stone in it which has me falling in love with it all over again.

Bring on 2016!  I'm ready for my new beginning!

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