Sunday, January 24, 2016

Edging for Porkies Weaving

If you follow me on social media, it looks like I'm slacking off on my Porkies weaving, the snow has been calling to me.  I have my season pass again this year, and that's where my happy place is in the winter.  I mean, who can resist this:

Anyway, I promise that I'm still working diligently on my Porkies weaving.  I decided to do a beaded edge for this weaving.  It's become a bit of a staple in some of my work, and I love the weight of the beads on my wall hangings.  So, I carry a little bin of beads around to work on the edges during ski breaks.  

I held it up to my weaving today and am very pleased with how the colors are turning out.  The center seed bead in this St. Petersburg chain stitch I actually picked up on my drive in to my residency at the Porcupine Mountains.  Marquette has this lovely bead shop called Bella Beads. They must have been meant to be.

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