Monday, December 28, 2015

Porkies Weaving December Update

When I'm working on a weaving that's really long, one of the high-points is when the cartoon (image that I'm working off of from under the warp) starts draping down and I have to start rolling it to keep it off of the treadles. Above is a view from the underside of my loom!

I find I enjoy weaving the most first thing in the morning.  I'm getting on a more normal schedule (ok, not with the holidays, but getting back to it), where I do some yoga or work out while I wait for my coffee to brew. Then get to my weaving for an hour or two.  I work best and most-focused before I have showered or gotten dressed for the day.  It's my quiet down-time and I love it.

I usually try to weave until I start making mistakes.  Since this is triple-weave pick up I sometimes start to think about what else I need to do that day, getting to work, the house, emails start coming in and I can't keep a rhythm anymore.  I think if this was my usual double-weave pick up I wouldn't have the issue of making mistakes when my brain moves to other things, but three layers of fabric have been quite the new challenge for me.

Above is a detail, I'm loving how the background colors are popping through the blues of the water's open weave.  I wasn't sure how to get some of that depth that I'm experiencing from the panorama, and here it is happening naturally.


Rebecca Mezoff said...

This is such a cool piece! I can't wait to see it finished.

Jenny Schu said...

Thanks Rebecca, I can't wait to see it finished too!

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