Monday, January 26, 2015

Mismatching Watercolor Earrings

"Mismatched" Flower Earrings  $65.00

I had finished a "new" bangle for my Spring 2015 color line, and as it sat on my desk one evening during a serious cleaning of the office/bead studio, a few earrings popped right out of the pattern.  So I Photoshopped the shapes out:

And came up with a "leaf pattern" which consequently looks a bit like hopps or upside down corn.

And two different versions of the flower.  At first I thought the small flower and the leaf would make a fun "mismatched" pair of earrings.  But as some comments rolled in on Facebook and Instagram, I started a second flower earring, slightly longer, to mismatch with one of the two I had already made.

In the end, I really prefer the two "mismatching" flowers together. So I'm making a match for the leaves now.

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