Saturday, January 3, 2015

Eureka Springs, Arkansas = Love

On our way out of Hot Springs we knew we wanted to get through Ouachita National Forest but we didn't have a plan beyond that drive.  I had picked up a swanky looking pamphlet about the art in Eureka Springs and we decided to look into it.  I booked us a hotel, but in retrospect if we go back we really should look into booking one of the cabins or bed and breakfasts in the Historic Loop around Main Street and Spring Street.  

After checking in to the hotel we went out to a restaurant/bar.  The restaurant side is the Pied Pipers Pub, the bar side is the Cathouse.  There was great live music!  I can't remember the opening act (Amanda Mae maybe?) she sang a few songs, one of which was called Sewing Machine.  Then the main act was Lou Shields.  Not only quite the entertainer, but all of his guitars/instruments are handmade by friends, many of which incorporate his old skateboards (including his foot-percussion pieces).  Most notable was the "Shitar" (instead of Sitar) which he showed off well.

We were excited to explore the downtown the next day.  We parked way up Spring Street because we kept stopping to look at all of the interesting details of the old houses and the immaculate shape they've been kept in.  We walked down street lined with houses perched above the sidewalks and rock gardens inset along the path with stairs and springs in them.  

(I love they way they decorated hanging baskets with colored icicles and ornaments in the basket)

Along with a number of galleries Eureka Springs has a hat shop (Hats, Hides and Heirlooms), bead store (Cresent Moon) and yarn/needlework/weaving/knitting shop (Fleece & Flax).  I could settled down right here and stay!  

We had lunch at Local Flavor.  I followed the Foursquare suggestions to get the Sesame Goat Cheese salad and was not disappointed.  Also the French Lavender Martini: (vodka, lemon, calender syrup, champagne) was amazing.

I didn't want to leave, but we eventually have to get back to Lansing so we're back on the road and have landed in Springfield, MO for the evening.  Other birds we saw today: blue jay, black vulture,  We also managed to pick up a bird book for Zack at the book store in Eureka Springs to get one started.  The bird apps just aren't the same as flipping through Petersen's bird guide.  I have also gotten a bit more beading done.  I imagine there will be a significant more to do tomorrow. 


Rebecca Mezoff said...

OMG. I had a disastrous failed love/engagment involving Eureka Springs. I don't think I can ever go back though it is a cool place. Sigh. Just drove through Arkansas today actually.

Jenny Schu said...

We didn't realize that Eureka Springs was the place to elope/get engaged. There was a couple in the hat shop that had gotten married that morning. You should go back to reclaim it for a positive experience. The Fiberart Shop owner is an HGA member to boot ;)

Mandy Pedigo said...

Sounds like you had a great time! What did you make of Potosi, MO? That is just an hour south of me.

Jenny Schu said...

Mandy, Potosi was mostly just a stop-off. It seemed, quaint? We like driving through some backwoods places!

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