Monday, September 8, 2014

Japan Vacation: Sikoku

This is the reason to take the time to reserve train seats with the JR Pass, a whole car to ourselves from Hiroshima to Matsuyama.

On this train I couldn't figure out why people where taking photos and stopped standing outside with chilldren waving at the train....they have cartoon trains!

The APA Hotel in Matsuyama leaves paper cranes.

We went to Matsuyama to check out the Dogo bathhouse.
Matsuyama has streetcars which were really rather fun.

Zack found me this wonderful textile museum/studio in Matsuyama. Mingei Iyo-Kasuri Kaikan.  Totally off the beaten path. There's a great blog post that we found about it, which I will link to later.
Shuttles excite me.

Yes, these smoking kitties were what you first saw walking into Mingei Iyo-Kasuri Kaikan. What?

A-mazing lunch in Uwijima.

View from the train between Matsuyama and Uwajima.

Fancy crab sushimi. Yep, raw crab. Something new to mess with the tummy. ;)

Date night!

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