Friday, September 5, 2014

Japan Vacation: Kyoto

Zack is baffled by all the power lines.

Beautiful little shrines everywhere.

This was our hotel for 3 nights, great deal and a helpful staff.

Ice cream! I got the shaved ice strawberry thing. Zack got the grey soft serve.

Golden Pavilion. It's amazing!

We hit many shrines walking back through Kyoto from the Golden Pavilion.

Such wonderful silks are woven here.
Weaving silk, probably about 100+ ends per inch.
Winding silk off of the silkworm cocoons.

Kimono fashion show.
Writing and birding at the Imperial Palace park.

The amount of change used required getting a change purse...Zack picked out this one. :)

Kyoto's traditional food.

Nino Castle (it has nightingale floors that chirp when walked on to alarm you that someone is in the building).

Nijo Castle gardens.
Must take your shoes off!

Imperial Palace

I just loved this painting with the bull, kitty and mouse.
Zack and I spotted a number of nee birds to us. 

Sento Gardens in the Imperial Palace compound, definitely worth seeing. (Better than the Imperial Palace tour.)

Waterfall over a single stone.

All of the rocks behind us were brought in by hand.

Shrine to a Japanese poet.

Praying mantis with red eyes!

Zack spotted his egret on this river.

Breakfast to-go heading out of Kyoto to Hiroshima.

Train station.

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