Friday, September 12, 2014

Japan Vacation: Hiking Mount Fuji

Coming up to My. Fuji.

Trail head! 7:15 pm

Trail markers in the dark.

Crazy huge mountain leach.

Zack hates the flash.

The moon and clouds.


Zack having a lie-down at Station 7.

Snuggles next to a rock to block the wind while we get off our tired feet.

The moon again....the little dots are hikers coming up Mt. Fuji.


The entrance to the top. 3:30am

Trying to warm up with miso soup.

Sunrise is coming!

Here it is! 5:15am

Ice at the top.

Gotemba station, where we have to get back to.

Heading back down.....

Bells. Make a wish with a bell on Mt. Fuji.

Back down.

Getting close, very tired.

Zack found me this bug!

We hiked this at night! It hurt just as bad coming back down. Back to trailhead 9:30am.

Zack had already dumped his shoes out earlier, but when we finally got to the hotel he still had a large amount of Fuji-san left.


Rebecca Mezoff said...

I was trying to figure out why you were hiking up Mt. Fuji in the dark and then I realized, Sunrise! Looks like it was fun despite the dirt.

Jenny Schu said...

Mt. Fuji was pretty spectacular. We regretted hiking through the night until talking to another couple who hiked the day and paid to sleep at the 8th station. It was men's/women's bunks 6 people to a bunk with strangers for about $80 per person! I don't think I could have slept that way...

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