Monday, July 7, 2014

Michigan League of Handweavers 3-Day Beadweaving Class (Registration Closes July 20)

It has come to my attention that a more detailed look at the beadweaving class that I am teaching at the Michigan League of Handweavers 3 Day Workshops may be in order.  I'm terrible at writing descriptions, however I've been getting a lot of compliments on the way I write my blog.

My plans for this workshop are as follows:

Day 1:  Teach the beaded Russian Leaf stitch.  This stitch as a few twists and turns in it, so I usually do 1 day for two leaves, or, a pair of earrings if you like.

(Russian Leaf Earrings)

Day 2:  Teach how to close up the leaf into a pod as you bead it.  Pods give a completely different structure than the leaf, they can be much more 3 dimensional.  After the pod, I want students to start thinking about a bracelet or other sort of large project that we can put together.

Day 3: Compile larger piece.  I'll be suggesting a bracelet, but I always encourage students to get creative, so if you want to make something else, lets work on it.  The third day we will discuss finishing techniques and also how stitch leaves and pods together to get the shape you want.

(Bracelet, pendant, pod earrings)

I am a very hands-on teacher.  Every one of my students tend to be at different levels and I try to get around to everyone equally, addressing different issues. Some background in beading (particularly peyote stitch) is helpful, but this being a three day class we'll have plenty of time to nail this stitch down.  I do have a supplies list to send when you sign up (by July 20th!), mostly I'm encouraging people to bring what beads they already have, maybe a color combination that they like. I will have some supplies for purchase, but bringing your own will be helpful for this long of a class.  I don't carry a whole lot of extra stock around for teaching at this point.

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