Monday, July 7, 2014

Beginner's Beadweaving class at Interlochen

I taught my second beadweaving class at Interlochen a week ago.  It was a three person class, but we decided to make it go since the adult programing at Interlochen is getting up and running. Also, I love to teach new beaders and get them hooked.  

Peyote stitch is what I like to start brand new beaders on.  This class was in two-drop peyote making a bracelet.  You can make a pretty wide bracelet with two drop peyote in a fair amount of time.  One of the comments in this class was that once you get it going, it's really simple.  It's the start that's always a little difficult with peyote stitch, but I always find it satisfying to be able to whip out something beaded as a short project myself. 

Kathy (below) isn't a brand new beader, but I'm glad she learned this stitch before taking my three day workshop with the Michigan League of Handweavers for Russian Leaf stitch, it'll help her grasp the stitch a little quicker. (Registration for the MLH Russian Leaf class closes on July 20, 2014)

I make quite a few of these two-drop bracelets when I'm playing with color or how beads work together. The below bracelet we used just what this student had already had on-hand. They're cheaper beads, so they're not as consistently shaped to fit together, but it still gives this bracelet a nice look.

Although I suggest a higher end seed bead for my classes, I can pretty much help you work with anything!

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