Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dyeing to Start my Next Doubleweave Pick-Up

I think maybe my dye process is a little different than most.  I'm starting in on another large double weave pick up piece.  I'm well-into finishing the cartoon in Photoshop for it. I wound off a bunch of skeins of rayon and started rolling colors around in my head.

I think initially I was going to have a black/grey side of this piece, but I'm really sick of weaving and dyeing black since it's the weft color of the yardage that I'm finishing weaving off my loom.  So I decided on a Green for one warp and Blue for the other warp.  I started dyeing.

I didn't have a particular green or blue in mind.  I really like to take a step back from any particular shade and see what turns out.  If I'm not happy with the first batch, I keep dyeing.  Darker colors are usually what I lean towards anyway so adding color is never an issue for me.

I stopped earlier than I thought on the green, it is a bright leaf-color with some turquoise-blue properties that I'm really enjoying.  I just finished the blue yesterday.  I've been really drawn to dark teal lately so I pushed more towards that colorway.

I'm happy with the blue today so I will begin the ball-winding once I get a PowerPoint finished!  

I'm so excited, I already set up the living room.

 And if you want to see what it feels like to wind a ton of balls of yarn, you should check out Rebecca's video:
(This makes me want to make fiber-videos...maybe once I'm back from Japan...)

AND last night, despite being rather tired, we did a window push.  I needed tools out of one of the upstairs rooms so I could safely pack.  We finished the windows in my office and even got the curtains up.  I'm very pleased this morning.

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