Friday, February 7, 2014

So Many Projects, claiming my time

On Wednesday night I was finishing up scanning final drafts and packaging up submissions to the Handweaver's Guild of America exhibits my iTunes on random shuffle and "Timelines" by Motion City Soundtrack came on.

"It's not a matter of time, it's just a matter of timing."

Rang heavy through my ears.  I've been trying to finish my Halloween costume to get it to a point where it can be photographed and submitted by the 26th. This song was a reminder that I do not have to finish this piece for this year, I can submit it in 2016.  I'm constantly issuing myself extreme deadlines and then feeling guilty abut not getting something in, or worse, not finishing it to the quality that I want it to be at.  I did wear this for Halloween, but it was missing all of the red and a lot of interior finishing.

 I also rarely think ahead on pieces that I may be able to submit to exhibitions. All I had in mind for this was it being my Halloween costume, it just kept getting larger and more involved. So when I decided to finish this piece for exhibit, I didn't realize is that the wearables require a 8 inch x 8 inch "touch panel" with the submission. (I will never forget this by the way). If this was a woven or dyed piece, I could make extra and finish it off, however, this 8 x 8 touch panel requires more cutting, sewing and beading.  Maybe about 10 more hours of work (I hope).

Plus we set up an office for me, resulting in this on my sewing table collecting piles which the desk once held:

And still more re-organizing where the desk was:

For me, certain things need to be in place in the space that I am working in so I can work with ease. Hence, not wanting to break away from other works to clean, for, more work...

I have a difficult time working on one project at a time straight through.  I am so sick of stitching red beads on to the piece that I was trying to finish for the 26th submission.  I decided that on the costume, all the red areas would be red seed beads.  It's coming along wonderfully.  However, I want to weave:

(and I need to dye more black for the weft on this guy).

Keep on top of my beaded sculpture parts:

(Isn't it nice that the desk has a beading project tray that you can slide in and out?!)

I have a wedding bracelet and hairpieces that I'm excited to get to:

I need to meet with a customer about a commission bangle which involves me creating such a bangle in a totally new way (focus on smaller beads):

Ooooo, and I started another Pattern Play Bangle because I am seriously missing the one that is out at an exhibit in Tennessee:

And there's always the issue of Danielle lounging around tempting me to have a nap time.  I didn't, but this is evil (I love naps).


krumkakes said...

Jenny, you're a creative explosion!!!!!!!

Jenny Schu said...

Explosion is a lovely way of putting it, I'm feeling a bit of a mess. With some cleaning/organizing I'll be back on track!

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