Friday, October 18, 2019

Always Rooted Tapestry 2010

I was playing a lot with tapestry back when I had my loom set up at Grove Gallery.  Sometimes when I'm stumped on pattern or inspiration but I just need to keep making, I default to checks.  I like even numbers, multiples of 4, there's a certain ease of organization to it that I need.  Hence referring to this piece as "Always Rooted" going back to that root equation for me.

Checks or "two-tone" also represents one of my favorite music styles, ska.  So it's another level of a reminder of what I default to.  I never go completely black and white though, as you can see in the above detail I mixed some variegated yarn in that had black in it, but I always need some color.

This piece is currently showing at the Haslett Library (in the Bookend) through the end of the month.  I thought it was only going to the end of last month but when I contacted them as to when to take it down they were happy to leave it up and I'm happy to have one less thing to do as I prep for Halloween and get jewelry together for galleries and upcoming shows!

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