Friday, September 27, 2013

Beaded Jewelry off to Angelwood Gallery, Ohio

Leaf Lariat Necklace  $240
I had a few bumps along the way in finishing up pieces for a grouping to send to Angelwood Gallery yesterday, but the box is with the US Postal Service this morning and I even remembered to take photos.  Excuse the lack of set-up for these photos.  I was trying to work as fast and efficiently as possible.
Cluster Earrings $75
Leaf Earrings $55
Leaf Bracelet $85
Leaf Pendant $55
Spike Bangle $75
Braided Bangle $400
Chevron earrings $40
Cluster Earrings $75
Leaf Bracelet $85
Pod Earrings $55
Block Earrings $40
Two Drop Block Bracelet $55
The bracelet and earrings came about yesterday amidst my frustrations with FedEx and running a system restore on my computer.  Waiting on the phone and waiting for the computer to get it's act together can bring about good things.  I really love the blocking of the bracelet and the fact that it led to a new earring design for me. 
I think Danielle could tell that I was having a rough day (technology/printer issues, then 3 hours trying to get FedEx to help me with no luck).  She followed me from room to room and settled in as I worked. 

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